Graf on the Grift

Graffiti artists are frequently locked up on vandalism charges, so it’s critical that murals be painted as quickly as possible during fly-by-night operations. This emphasis on speed and efficiency led to some of the key elements of the art form, such as long lines and letters that flow into each other. But now that street art has found legitimacy on commissioned spaces and even gallery walls, it’s interesting to see what graffiti artists are capable of when they have all the time in the world. Take the annual Graffiti Gone Global exhibit that runs parallel to Art Basel Miami Beach. For the past four years, top street artists from around the globe have been given free rein to stage their visions, and the results have ranged from abstract dream worlds to detailed portraits to more traditional lettering. See some of the top works from local and international talent such as Flip, Sesper, Tes-One, and others who have exhibited in past years at “The Pop Up,” Graffiti Gone Global’s satellite retrospective. It opens Friday at ArtCenter/South Florida.
July 15-Aug. 21, noon, 2011


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