Gory Electronica

In a performance of "Mi Novio Es un Zombi" ("My Boyfriend Is a Zombie"), Spanish pop singer Alaska, looking like a gothed-up Cher, grinds onstage with a Freddy Krueger impersonator. In 1989, she and bass player Nacho Canut formed electro pop band Fangoria, naming it after a horror magazine. The nearly 50-year-old Alaska, now a gay icon in Spain who sports a fiery-orange mane and ample bosom, still performs as Fangoria. The duo produces dance music that's influenced by David Bowie and the Pet Shop Boys. Some of their New Wave-informed singles have even been mixed by Soft Cell's Marc Almond. Fangoria will perform at the Awarehouse this Saturday with another Spanish glam-electronica band, Las Nancys Rubias.
Sat., June 12, 8 p.m., 2010


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