Goon Squad

Brooklyn writer Jennifer Egan, who’s short fiction has graced the pages of The New Yorker, Harper's, and Zoetrope All-Story, has hit her stride with her latest novel A Visit From the Goon Squad. In the New York Times, reviewer Will Blythe writes: “Is there anything Egan can’t do in this mash-up of forms? Write successfully in the second person? Check. Parody celebrity journalism and David Foster Wallace at the same time? Check. Make a moving narrative out of a PowerPoint presentation? Check. Write about a cokehead music producer who demands oral sex from his teenage girlfriend during her friends’ band’s performance? Check. Narrate another chapter from the perspective of the above girlfriend’s best friend, standing at the same performance on the other side of said producer? Check. Compose a futuristic vision of New York? Check.” She'll appear on a panel with Vendela Vida and Julie Orringer in the MDC Auditorium (Building 1, 2nd Floor, Room 1261).
Sat., Nov. 20, 2:30 p.m., 2010


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