Go Green: Have a Guinness

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg insulted the Irish last month when he joked that their greatest contribution to world culture was a brand of whiskey. It got worse when he acknowledged that the Irish were sensitive about their drinking but that they could be calmed with a “nice, stiff drink. Or a drink of any kind, really; they’re not picky.” What a jerk! After all, aren’t the Irish like the rest of us? If we prick them, do they not bleed (Guinness)? If we tickle them, do they not laugh (especially with a couple of pints in them)? And if we wrong them (or take their drinks), will they not take revenge? Someday we’ll have to watch our tongues (insert joke) with regard to the Irish, but until then, let’s join them as we all get “happy” during the South Florida Emerald Society’s 33rd annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival at Fred B. Hartnett Park this Saturday. Entertainment includes singer and harpist Tricianne Garrihy performing with Avalon, Unstrung Heroes, Celtic Balladeers, and Celtic Cross with Paddy Kelligan. Look for Celtic crafts for sale, kid’s activities such as throw the leprechaun (we wish!), corned beef with cabbage, and other Irish food. Of course, the booze will flow, with a full complement of Irish and American beers and spirits on tap.
Sat., March 12, noon, 2011


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