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When it comes to quenching a jones, Tim Calver simply reaches for his camera and dives into the drink. The hydroholic lensman can often be found immersed in one of the seven seas, capturing breathtaking aquatic scenes that have appeared in National Geographic and Time. “Surface,” an exhibit of his spirited underwater shots, opens tonight at 6:00 at the Miami Center for the Photographic Arts and features subjects ranging from humpback whales and spotted dolphins to shimmering clouds and watery horizons.

Calver, who recently snapped the underwater still images for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, took most of the 30 photographs on display while free-diving in exotic, far-flung locales such as the Bahamas and the South Pacific. His show plumbs the depths of how a “breath both connects and separates us from this water world.”
Feb. 3-28, 6 p.m.


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