Glow Away

His muscles tense as he grips his cannon. Thick, glowing goo splats across her exposed skin. She rubs it in, wipes it from her lips, and smiles. Meanwhile, the 6,000 party people surrounding her are doing the same. This isn’t the scene of the world’s largest orgy; it’s Dayglow, the world’s largest paint party at the BankUnited Center. Edible, nontoxic fluorescent splooge will fly out of cannons, squirt bottles, and off the shaking bodies of thousands of dancing revelers. Amid the massive video screens counting down the neon paint and confetti bomb explosions, Sidney Samson, Bingo Players, David Solano, and the Devil From Acapulco will throw down bass-heavy multimedia DJ sets that will have your endorphins firing harder than a paint gun. The worldwide Dayglow party phenomenon began as a frat house gimmick in Tampa but has achieved the highest levels of paint-spattering sophistication that money can buy.
Sun., July 3, 8:30 p.m., 2011


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