Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin on Glee; Miami Celebs We'd Rather See

Miami's TMI tía and South Florida's favorite Puerto Rican uncle are heading to television's McKinley High.

Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin will appear on an episode of Fox's Glee next year, according to Adam Anders, the show's executive music report. "We just announced Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan for a Spanglish episode," Anders tells "We're just starting the planning, so I don't know [which songs the pair will sing.] I wouldn't tell you anyway."

Rumor has it that Martin will play the fictional school's Spanish teacher and Estefan would portray Santana Lopez's mom. But there's still room for a cute grandmother, overbearing step-father, and creeper, coke-head uncle.

Naturally, Cultist started thinking about what other Miami actors should fill those roles. Check out our list after the jump.

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Ana Margarita Martínez-Casado

While's Glee's effort to embrace diversity and multiculturalism is commendable, Gloria Estefan's role wouldn't be complete without a cute, Spanish-speaking only old lady like Adela from ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.? While the actress who played the role, Velia Martínez, died in '93, Ana Margarita Martínez-Casado, who played her daughter Juana, is still around. And at 81 years old, she'd be great for the role.

Steven Bauer

Some know him as Steven Bauer, others call him Rocky Echevarría, we simply refer to him as that creepy dude from ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.? who starred opposite Al Pacino in Scarface. These days he's rocking out 'round Miami with his band, Underground Junction, and guest starring on Breaking Bad. He'd be great in the role of the creepy uncle who's taken in by Santana Lopez's family after a 14-month stint in prison. He can show up to glee club performances with a bottle of Jack and coke-nose.

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