Give It a Shot

If you have ever wondered about the creative shift that occurs when a painter ditches his brushes for a camera, two photography projects at Alonso Art offer windows into the process. Opening tonight at 7:00, José Iraola’s “Memoria Televisa” and Tomás Esson’s “The Empire State Building Versus the Water Tank” feature new works by the Cuban artists who were primarily trained as painters but have recently been experimenting behind the lens.

Even though Iraola’s past two exhibits were dedicated exclusively to the medium, he resists being called a shutterbug. One might say he has shifted from making a picture to capturing the perfect composition in a single frame. His color-soaked images of drag queens holding forth on the boob tube offer a potent commentary on sensational television that puts Jerry Springer to shame.

For his first photo show, Esson documents the scene from the window of his New York studio before a new high-rise ruined the view. The exhibit runs through December 30.
Dec. 2-30


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