Nick Ley as Casey in Girls vs. Boys.
Nick Ley as Casey in Girls vs. Boys.

Girls vs. Boys Takes High School Party Film Tropes to the Live Stage

From Can't Hardly Wait to Superbad, debauched teen parties have long been a theme on the big screen. But in live theater? Not so much.

So when Girls vs. Boys opens at the Adrienne Arsht Center November 1, executive vice president Scott Shiller says, it could attract a new type of theater patron.

"It's not South Pacific. It's not The Sound of Music. This is a musical for our generation," he says.

The show follows a handful of teens preparing to attend high school, some for their senior year and others as freshmen. At one of those high school parties with red Solo cups galore and no parental supervision, relationships are formed and tested, with repercussions that ripple throughout the rest of the show. "The stakes are so high when you're an adolescent," Shiller points out. "Every little glance, every breakup... has life-or-death consequence."

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