Girls on Film

What does it take to throw a great party? For Lissette Barros, all it took was a little dream about publishing a lesbian-centric magazine called EveInterrupted. After premiering the publication online, EveInterrupted sponsored an art show highlighting underrepresented lesbian artists, which soon expanded to include bisexual and straight women. And instead of staid art openings, the events mutated into festive parties. Well, parties need entertainment, so why not add female musical acts, DJs, and dancers? Which all leads to tonight’s seXuality2 Women’s Art Party. Featured artists include Tee Davis, Jennifer Koivu, Elaine Acevedo, Natalya Laskis, Tabatha Mudra, Janette Valentine, Barbara Hernandez, Lara Stein-Pardo, Rachel Carbonel, Lisa Rockford, Raquel Almazan, Nancy Campos, Leah Jones, Kristin Currier, and Monica Ferro. Tunes are courtesy of DJ Soozin and rock group AKA. In addition to a sexy dress contest, there will be a burlesque show by the lovely Lola. Are our estrogen-challenged brothers invited to this wet dream? You bet their pert, objectified asses they are. An eight-dollar donation is definitely encouraged. The party runs from 7:00 to 11:00 at Global Sprits Studio in the Wynwood Lofts. Call 305-766-2879, or visit
Fri., May 19


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