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Video might have killed the radio star, but iPods and bit torrent streaming have yet to kill the live musical act. That’s because there’s still nothing like hearing a great rendition of a song in person—the sonic boom, the intimacy, the vibrato, none of these comes across in the little white speakers in your ears. And for show tunes, jazz standards, and the classic American songbook, forget about it. Can there be only one version of “Tonight” from West Side Story? “My Funny Valentine?” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin?” For material like this, you need a pro. You need someone like Brian Stokes Mitchell.

Widely acclaimed as one of the powerful and expressive male vocalists alive, Stokes Mitchell has been Broadway’s go-to baritone for the last two decades, headlining everything from The Man of La Mancha, to Sweeney Todd, to Kiss of the Spider Woman. You also might remember him as Trevor in The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Hillary Banks’ news anchor fiancée. (And his untimely death in a tragic—and hilarious—bungee jumping accident.) Stokes Mitchell covers all the songs you love for one night only in the Knight Concert Hall. Tickets start at $45. Call 305-949-6722 or visit
Sat., Dec. 12, 8 p.m., 2009


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