Get Pinned

What’s old is new again. The only proof you need is on your TV screen. From Mad Men to Boardwalk Empire to Downton Abbey, the most popular shows today depict the past. But no matter whether it’s the Roaring ’20s, the wholesome ’50s, or the present day, one thing has always been true: People like to look at naked chicks. So this weekend’s Pinned Miami, a festival devoted to all things vintage, burlesque, and rockabilly, is really firing on all antique-car-engine cylinders. The event promises “the sexiest show on Earth,” with pin-up models sporting all the classic motifs, from innocent-ish “whoops, I flashed my garter” gals to overtly sexual Bettie Page disciples. Bands including the Surfaris will get the retro grooves flowing while antique auto collectors show off their restored masterpieces. There will also be plenty of burlesque performances, comedy shows, and even a Pinned Miami Prom, where your high school’s “leave a little room for Jesus” rule about slow dancing will not be enforced.
May 23-25, 2014


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