Get Off

Ray Milian is like a barometer of coolness. He’s a well-respected local DJ who was one of the original creators of Poplife back in 1999, when the indie world was still fresh and untapped. But when a scene gets too played out, Ray gets itchy to bring some new flavor. Hence Off the Radar, a Friday-night bash that’s bringing all the cool kids to the Sandal Club (1060 NE 79th St. Cswy., Miami).

“I just wanted to do my own thing. I started this party because I was bored with what I was hearing when I went out,” explains Milian. So what can revelers expect at Off the Radar? Definitely some fly new sounds. “Most of the stuff we play is, like, fresh, new, cool stuff. We play electro, indie rock, and obscure tracks from classic artists,” he says. Milian and Chris Mora host the event, while DJ Jsin and Sweat Records’ Lolo preside over The Lab, a weekly jumpoff in the side room. Admission is ten bucks, five if you show up before midnight. There’s an open bar from 11:00 to 12:00. Visit for event details. To get a handle on the kinds of sounds you might hear and people you might see, check out the photos and music downloads at Off the Radar’s new blog,
Fri., July 6


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