Get Infected

In the Seventies, everyone on the party scene thought they were so fabulous while dancing under flashing lights, wearing ridiculous outfits, and shoving coke spoons up their noses. If you stumble into any South Beach or downtown nightclub, you can find the exact same thing happening to this day. Only the music has changed. Now it’s about the menacing thump of hip-hop or the cardiac arrest-inducing throb of electronica. But back in the day, it was all about disco fever. If you’re old enough to remember but still young enough to shake-shake-shake your groove thang, head to the BankUnited Center. The Miami Disco Fever Explosion will be in full swing, and we’re hard-pressed to find a better reason to squeeze into the polyester bell-bottoms lurking in the back of the closet.

Concerts of this nature are all about the hits, and this lineup delivers. Heatwave will perform “Boogie Nights” (which are still the best nights in town). The Trammps will make the stage burn, baby, burn when they perform “Disco Inferno,” and five-brother singing group Tavares will turn on the way-back machine with “Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel” and “More than a Woman.” Their boys-next-door looks might have matured into a gray-haired-dudes-down-the-block aesthetic, but they’ve still got the goods to make you boogie. Got to keep on dancing! Tickets start at $31.75 and move on up to $153.75 for those who want the VIP disco experience.
Sat., Sept. 13, 2008


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