Get in on the Madness

Two weeks. Thirteen cities. Sixty-five teams. One champion. March Madness is the most exciting tournament in all of sports and it’s getting kick-started right here in Miami. The first and second rounds of the 2009 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament will be held at the American Airlines Arena on Friday.

Here’s your chance at attending one the greatest sporting events of the entire year. So skip out of work early with your co-workers and head on over to the Triple-A to take in the action. The best part about watching March Madness is the satisfaction of seeing your inter-office brackets advance. Even better than that might be to do it live so you can rub it in your know-it-all co-worker’s face as your teams advance into the regionals, while his bracket collapses under the weight of a major upset. Who knew Goober Tech would take down the vaunted number two seed? You did! Suck on that know-it-all co-worker!
Fri., March 20, noon, 2009


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