Get Crackin’

Linguists, scholars, writers -- hellfire, even crackers -- have attempted to pin down the provenance of the term Florida cracker. Some wrestle the word’s etymology to the mat of Middle English and its idioms -- “one who boasts or talks too much,” which traces also to “crack a joke” -- while others concede the match to the onomatopoeic: cattle ranchers “cracking” their whips. Lately, of course, it’s been appropriated as a slur answer to the ever-present N-word for white people. We’ll leave the definition to longtime Florida folk master (and self-described Florida cracker) Frank Thomas, who should have something to sing about the subject (and plenty of other regional topics) when he presents an evening of musical performance titled A Day in the Life of a Florida Cracker at the excellent Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center. The event is copresented by Culture in the City and the Folk Club of South Florida.

Thomas has released nine albums, including Cracker Nights, and his family has lived in Florida for a couple of centuries, so his decision is final. He’ll appear along with the Roadside Revue acoustic group tonight at 8:30. Tickets cost $15, $7 for those under age 17. Crackers pay the same. Call 305-251-1960 or 305-505-9011.
Sat., Sept. 8, 8:30 p.m.


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