Get Cornerstoned

Not so long ago, near the crossroads of Wynwood and Overtown, stood a community arts venue called The Cornerstone that held weekly open mics, underground plays, art shows, and concerts. The place operated on donations, and the finances of two broke dudes named Rio and Josh. Many of Miami's current scenemakers passed through its doors, partook in countless jugs of wine, and enjoyed the communal atmosphere well into the early mornings. Well, this band is a tribute to that time and place, and they bring it back to life every time they hit the stage, the sidewalk, or anywhere they choose to play. Their sound is a live band hip hop gypsy fusion with stand out singing from frontwoman Lai-Si, and rapper Michelangelo. Check them out tonight for Stone Groove, a soul jam party for the people.
Tue., April 19, 10 p.m., 2011


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