Geriatric Guidelines

Have you ever sat down and listened to your gramps talk for more than two minutes when he didn’t go off on a tangent about the price of milk in the old days and how nobody did “Mack the Knife” better than Bobby Darin? Have you ever done the same thing, except with like 40 different old people? That’s what Mark Wexler’s documentary How to Live Forever does for 90 minutes: old people telling you what they do to not die. You would think it would be filled with a lot of quotes like “I avoid minorities” or “I drink whiskey and sexually harass the women at the nursing home.” Unfortunately, that sort of riffraff and Sean Connery-esque badassery doesn’t make it into this film. Instead, Wexler’s movie features, among others, actress Suzanne Somers, futurist Raymond Kurzweil, and exercise masochist Jack LaLanne (before he finally went to that gym in the sky). It’ll leave you asking, “Wait, who in hell is Bobby Darin?” and answering others: How do you live forever? And are you sure you really want to? Catch the screening at O Cinema on Friday. Showtimes run through Sunday.
June 24-26, 8 p.m., 2011


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