Gently Rock

If you're like us, you're powerless in resisting the Sunday-night blues. A weekend's worth of distractions behind you, you remember you'll have to, sigh, return to work the next day. You begin twitching at the thought of those flickering fluorescent lights and the oppression of your cubicle's gray carpeted walls.

Quit your moping. Ease into your workweek with the low-key Rock Cinema night at the American Legion, Harvey W. Seeds Post #29 (6445 NE Seventh Ave., Miami), where you can tune out dark thoughts with a music-themed flick, knock back a few drinks, hear live music, and put some meat on the barbecue. The promoters say they wanted to provide a relaxed evening that didn't just focus on live music or a DJ. Instead, bands will sandwich a movie, playing an hour before and after the screening. Last week, they screened Bad Brains Live at CBGB 1982 with local band Need to Be Freed. This Sunday, Miami punk band To Be Hated will play and the film will be the Let's Rock Again doc starring Joe Strummer.
Sun., April 25, 7 p.m., 2010


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