Gas Brains

Volkswagen drivers are a breed apart. They’re obsessive about their love for the German-engineered vehicles. To them, there’s nothing more fun than shining their round bumpers and arranging the fake flowers that sprout proudly from the dashboard. “VW fans are easygoing, family-oriented, friendly, and they want to share their passion with other VW enthusiasts. Nine out of 10 people like Volkswagens. Either you had one or you want one,” says one of the main event coordinators, Gustavo Ramirez. Today the VW freaks celebrate at the 10th annual Volksblast, a three-day festival that involves family fun, food, drinks, and lots and lots of sweet rides.

Fans of Pimp My Ride might expect to see cars with fish tanks in trunks and other ridiculous, overpriced additions, but this ain’t that kind of show. “It’s not like a who’s-got-the-most-money-in-the-bank event. These cars have character. Some of them look like they’ve been sitting out in the rain for years,” says Ramirez. Tonight at 7, the fun begins at the preshow party at The Wizards. It all culminates with a Viva La Volksblast car show Sunday at 5800 SW 73rd St., South Miami.
Feb. 8-10, 7 p.m., 2008


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