Game On!

Flannel shirt? Check. Skinny hipster jeans? Double-check. Now all you need are instruments, a garage, a half-ounce of weed, and three other shaggy-haired Nirvana fans and you have yourself a band in the making. Oh yeah, and some kind of musical ability. If finding that last necessary item seems like a tall order, then we say fake it till you make it. You’re sure to find some convincing almost-musicians rockin’ the house this Tuesday at Sunset Tavern (7230 SW 59th Ave., South Miami). It’s Game Night at the Tavern, which means a late-night balls-to-the-wall Guitar Hero rockfest. And the winners will walk away with prizes including gift certificates, gift cards, and T-shirts.

Thanks to Guitar Hero, legions of youngsters have come to embrace their parents’ dusty music catalogues. Kansas? Aerosmith? Ted Motherfuckin’ Nugent? You can channel the talent of any of them simply by pressing the buttons on the fret in time to the colorful notes on the screen before you. So strap on your fake plastic axe and get to wailing each and every Tuesday at 10 p.m. Call 305-665-9996, or visit
Tuesdays, 10 p.m., 2008


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