Gamblin Man

Frankly we don’t mind so much the state’s recent clampdown on poker tournaments that press the boundaries of the gambling statutes with heavy buy-ins, large pots, and major pay-outs to winners. We don’t have money to burn, but we enjoy shuffling up and dealing with a gang of like-minded sharpies while knocking back a few cold ones. We also enjoy hanging out in an old-Florida tavern like Bougainvillea’s in a neighborhood not known for its nightlife. The place spends most nights presenting a cross section of musical styles by live acts. But on Sundays it’s comedy, and Mondays it’s Poker Night. Maintaining the club’s emphasis on chill, these games are mostly for fun, with no buy-in and a cool crowd. You can win a $100 bar tab, and you will have a good time playing America’s current new favorite pastime.
Mondays, 2009


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