Furby Returns: The Five Creepiest Toys From Our Childhood

The reawakening begins.
The reawakening begins.
Wikipedia CC

Childhood should be a time of innocence, joy, and wonder. But for generations, toy-makers have tortured impressionable children with the likes of terrifying playthings that would strike fear into the heart of Chuck Norris himself.

One such toy, the Furby, is making a modern-day return to toy-store shelves. (We weep for children everywhere.)

In honor of the furry little freak's plan to creep out a whole new generation of wee ones, we've procured a collection of the scariest toys from our childhoods that would make even Superman shudder.

Sweet dreams.

A ginger troll is scariest of all.
A ginger troll is scariest of all.
chicks57 Flickr.

5. Troll dolls
Looking at the twisted faces of these fugly little freaks, we can't help but wonder: What were we thinking? People collected these leprechaun-like monsters? They gave 'em to their kids? Burn 'em. Burn 'em all.

4. Baby Alive
Any piece of plastic that eats and poops presents a serious problem. For us, the theme song brought back lots of memories. Scary, scary memories.

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