Fully Armed and Operational

The biggest story heading into the Miami Heat preseason was the realization of finally seeing the Three Kings on the court, in action, in Heat uniforms, obliterating the competition. Then, three minutes into their debut as a team, Dwyane Wade strained his hamstring and was forced to sit out the entire preseason. But what a scintillating three minutes! Now that D-Wade is rested and has regained his strength, the South Beach Hydra is ready to get things going for the games that count. And their home opener this Friday night will be a doozy — the boys host division rival Orlando Magic at the American Airlines Arena. Magic coach Stan Van Gundy had some choice words for the team after Heat president Pat Riley pulled off the coup of the century. Van Gundy called Chris Bosh “LeBron’s lap dog” and questioned Riley’s moral judgment when the two coached the Knicks. But no worries. It’s all just more fuel for the fire that Wade, James, and Bosh will rain down on the entire NBA — starting with Van Gundy and his silly mustache.
Fri., Oct. 29, 8 p.m., 2010


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