From Sparklers to Hot Dogs

Miami doesn’t have a homogeneous population, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t be filled with patriotic spirit to celebrate the Fourth of July. Truth be told, we probably have more celebrations planned per capita than most cities in the nation — if you count every homeowners association and dude with a Glock 9mm organizing their own fireworks extravaganzas. Still, you probably want to stick to the major celebrations, lest you run into a shower of falling bullets. Fourth of July revelers — along with many of the city’s food trucks — will flock to Peacock Park. The Grove’s Independence Day celebrations will be spread out, with a picnic at the Barnacle, a scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood, a hot-dog-eating contest at CocoWalk, and a fireworks display at Peacock Park.
Mon., July 4, 5 p.m., 2011


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