FriendsWithYou Bringing Child's Play to Scope Miami

FriendsWithYou Bringing Child's Play to Scope Miami

Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval Jr. make up Miami art collective FriendsWithYou, which have been injecting the world with childish fun and color. So is it any surprise that Scope has commissioned the duo to create an interactive experience for fairgoers? "Fun House" will take over the lounge area at Scope and will feature sculptures, watercolors, and drawings that, according to FWY, "explore the heart of our magic." But at the center of "Fun House" is, of course, a bounce house -- yes, like the one you had at your five-year birthday party.

So if you are willing to revert, be sure to check out Scope, which runs from December 3 through 7 and moves to a new location this year at 2951 NE First Ave., Miami.

And in case you've never been touched by the magic of FriendsWithYou, check out the video the duo did for Zune titled "Tickle Party," after the jump.

-- Jose D. Duran


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