Fried Balls and Wooden Balls, Reunited

It’s time to nix your weekly trip to Wal-Mart and your couch-side appointment with Mr. Back/ass-scratcher to indulge in a more dignified pastime. Today at 4, the sophisticated folks at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida are embracing the Miami tradition of infusing Old World customs with Latin flair for the eighth annual Croquet & Croquetas. And how could you resist a day of hitting wooden balls through hoops, live entertainment, a silent auction, and, of course, croquetas of all varieties?

Tickets cost $85 for HMSF members, $100 for regular folk. The money goes toward museum exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach. And we promise not to judge you when you’re spotted roving the grounds of the Deering Estate at Cutler, speaking in a hackneyed English accent while carrying a mallet in one hand and breaded, deep-fried deliciousness in the other. We’ll just know you took our advice and called 305-375-1619 or e-mailed for your ticket.
Sun., April 13, 2008


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