Fresh off the Farm

Going to the farmers’ market on a Saturday afternoon is a seasonal delight. Shopping there feels infinitely healthier than at an overcrowded supermarket -- from meeting friendly local growers to choosing the perfect organic carrots. Another way to embrace the all-natural lifestyle is to join the Redland Organics Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative, a way to ensure a weekly supply of fresh Florida bounty for yourself while supporting hard-working farmers.

Bee Heaven Farm owner Margie Pikarsky warns that the CSA is not for everyone. “People who don’t eat a lot of vegetables probably shouldn’t sign up. Also we don’t necessarily know what vegetables we’re getting in advance. Some people have complained, but others like a surprise,” says Pikarsky. New customers can expect a bounty of Asian greens and heirloom veggies with unusual colors and shapes. The CSA newsletter includes recipes every week for novices who don’t know how to prepare a daikon radish. Pick-up sites are in the Gables, the Grove, Miami Shores, and South Miami. The sign-up period began July 15, and the deposit deadline is September 15. All customers must pay in full by October 31, and the healthy bounty starts coming November 18. Learn more at, or e-mail
Mon., July 24


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