French Tuesdays Arrive in Miami

Off the top of my head, crepes, croissants, and champagne: Three very good reasons you gotta love the French.

Now there are officially four: French Tuesdays, which are brightening up what is classically the most boring day of the week.

The brainchild of Pierre Battu and Gilles Amsalem, the Francophile bi-monthly rendezvous began in New York -- where it caters to 4,500 guests. Now the party is sweeping the nation, at a different venue each week. And it’s hitting Miami - hard.

Granted, standing around watching the well-heeled set guzzle fizzy glasses of Laurent Perrier (party sponsor, which doesn’t mean it’s free) in a room full of Frenchies might not be everyone’s idea of a good time. But the crowd assembled at Grass Restaurant and Lounge in the Design District this past Tuesday night had a certain je ne sais quoi -- a well-heeled mix of professionals, drunks, cocaine whores, students, and uber-wealthy business moguls.

Grooving to the rhythmical stylings of deejay-spun classic house and euro-dance, I began thinking this might just be the best thing to happen to Tuesdays since Mardi Gras.


Joanne Green


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