Freedom Dancing

Remember about five years ago, when capoeira was the hottest new trend in fitness? Schools popped up everywhere. After tonight the Afro-Brazilian martial art will become the latest thing in modern dance too, when the Miami Light Project presents Idalina at the Carnival Center. The self-defense movements of capoeira were born during the Atlantic slave trade and matured in Brazil — the birthplace of local choreographer Giovanni Luquini. No wonder he relies on the highly acrobatic sport to evoke the connection to the past necessary to flesh out his vision.

Luquini’s choreography touches upon the plight and strength of African slaves through themes of resistance, freedom, endurance, and hope. An ensemble of eight dancers and four musicians joins him tonight. José Elias, of the Grammy-nominated group Conjunto Progreso, wrote the score.
April 20-22, 8 p.m.


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