Free Your Booty

Miami is home of the bass, where high-riding Chevys cruise down Ocean to the sounds of trunk-rattling booty anthems. Who better to throw a party dedicated to the butt-shaking music than South Florida’s own DMC DJ competition champion, DJ Craze? He’s celebrating our local legacy with Bass Sessions, a party not to be missed for those who like to feel the rhythm pounding in their chests. Guest DJs will include 2 Live Crew’s original turntable technician, Mr. Mixx, Atlanta’s dance floor killer DJ Klever, and party-starting nickname champion, Tittsworth. With Baltimore club, baile funk, and almost every other form of dance music currently rocking clubs from London to Tokyo, it’s about time the Magic City’s music enjoyed its resurgence. Expect plenty of booty shaking anthems from Dynamix II, Egyptian Lover, and Poison Clan, along with flashy echo effects, scratching, and DJ tricks. And of course, Craze’s latest Bass Sessions mix CD will be on sale, and it’s perfect for those summertime barbecues.
Fri., May 11, 10 p.m.


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