Free Pie and the Sky

Just after sunset tonight, look to the west, slightly above the horizon, and you will see the red glow of Mars dancing closely to the blue hue of Regulus, the star heart of Leo. Although they may appear to be one and a half full moons apart, it is but an optical illusion: The red planet is only twenty light minutes away this weekend, while the light of Regulus left 77 years ago. Want to learn more? The always friendly and ready to party under the stars Southern Cross Astros are hosting the annual Key West Fest with the FIU astronomers this evening at 8:00. James R. Webb will give a brief update on astronomy news and campus observatory upgrades, and then the Margaritaville music will be cued and free key lime pie will be served to all. Bring family, friends, or that boy who makes you all starry-eyed to the FIU Observatory, CP-145, physics building at SW 109th Avenue and SW Eighth Street, Miami. Admission is free. Call 305-348-3964, or visit
Fri., July 21


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