Free Music People From Venus's "Light War" and the Last Show of the Year

When the guys first landed on planet Miami a couple years back, People From Venus were sort of the dark horses of the local scene. They started off slowly, preferring to perfect their blend of British glam-influenced power pop in the studio rather than trotting it out endlessly on the usual local circuit.

This proved to be a wise strategy. When the the group's debut album, Toot Toot Yeah, came out earlier this year, it still sounded fresh. The album mined some familiar Anglophilic turf, but its flirtations with electronics, its vaguely New Age lyrical mysticism, and frontman Paul Isaac's flawlessly reedy vocals set it apart.

Of course, too, there is its undeniable, pleasantly icy polish. Group masterminds Paul Isaac and Ari Eisenstein have already been around the major-label circuit, and their professionalism in recording and songwriting set the disc in stark contrast against usual local-debut crop.

With the record out, too, People From Venus set out to perfect its live shows, which are as much a feast for the eyes as for the ears. The latest addition to the group, unofficially, is VJ Psyberpixie, who mixes visuals alongside the musicians.

It's something you should check out this Friday at Bardot -- especially because it's the band's last show of the year, and one of its last few in Miami for the near future, at least. The band's now being managed by John Tovar (he of Marilyn Manson fame-making), the labels are sniffing, and the song "Girl From Planet Earth" has hit rotation on L.A.'s famed KROCK radio station. Starting early next year the band will be hitting the road, showcasing for A&R reps in L.A. and New York, and playing SXSW.

All that said, the free gig seems like a good deal. As a bonus to whet your appetite, enjoy this free new track, "Light War," and this video for "Warrior Punk," created by Psyberpixie.
Fri., Dec. 17, 8 p.m., 2010


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