Free Cheetos!

All right, we lied about the free Cheetos. It’s just much easier to get a pothead’s attention with the promise of deliciously cheesy corn snacks than the issue at hand: politics. Despite South Florida’s laissez-faire attitude toward the how-dem cocaine cowboys, apparently the rest of this state isn’t too keen on medical marijuana. The cannabis cure. The reefer remedy. The oh-snap-it’s-a-ninja-warrior-marathon ointment. A lot of motivated and functional potheads aim to change that at the Medical Marijuana Benefit at Tobacco Road this Saturday.

While the organizers pass the pineapple express petition around — 700,000 signatures are needed to send it to Tallahassee — the event will sport three stages with rotating doobie brothers and sisters. (Michael McDonald’s stance has not yet been confirmed on the issue.) There will be music by Johnny Dread, Sweetbone, and about 20 other didjeridoo-holstering musicians; spoken-word artists; and, of course, a lightshow. The only illegal contraband at this party is gonna be those cheesy delectables in your purse, you Cheetos smuggler, you.
Sat., Jan. 16, 4 p.m., 2010


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