Frank the Tank

Plenty of musical acts owe their careers to their names, especially if that name belonged to a successful predecessor. For instance, the Rolling Stones were named for the Muddy Waters song “Rollin’ Stone”; the Hank Williams sequels benefit from their roman numerals, even as Jr. sings somberly that he’s “standing in the shadows of a very famous man”; and it’s unlikely that Dinosaur Jr. would have sold so many records if dinosaurs hadn’t been so incredibly awesome back in their heyday.

Likewise, Franklin Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra has, since beginning his career in the early Sixties, benefited from calling himself Frank Sinatra Jr., if only because no one would pay to see an Emmanuel anything. But so it has gone for the second Sinatra: Where his father won an Oscar for his performance in From Here to Eternity, Frank Jr. appeared on Son of the Beach as a character called the Notorious Stink Finger. Big Frank married Mia Farrow and cavorted with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.; Little Frank never lived down the time he got kidnapped. He may not have fully emerged from the shadows of his famous father, but at least Frank Jr. is the last standing Sinatra singing Sinatra tunes. He’ll fly you to the moon tonight at 8 at the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Tickets run from $30 to $60 and are available at the box office, at, or by calling Ticketmaster at 954-523-3309.
Sat., Jan. 5, 8 p.m., 2008


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