Frame by Frame

You don't need hallucinogenic drugs to experience other dimensions. Just ask Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau, the French duo that makes up Kolkoz. This art collective, an Art Basel favorite, likes to play with the concept of art as well as with people's heads. Their previous installations include animated holiday films created from audio tracks of actual vacation footage and interactive videogame sculptures, which explore the passive/active roles we play.

But their latest installation, on display at the Bass Museum through August 8, might just take the proverbial cake. The entire exhibit comprises sculptures created from the gaudy, gilded frames that normally border traditional works of art. The artists have placed frames within frames within frames, ultimately creating a series of framed frames. When it's not visually hijacking museums and art galleries around the world, Kolkoz spins its trademark "eclectica" at fashion-forward nightclub Le Baron de Paris.
May 23-Aug. 8, 2010


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