Foul Balls, Foul Mouth

Ask Ozzie Guillen a dumb question or mention his infamous Fidel Castro comment, and the Miami Marlins manager might chew your face off quicker than Rudy Eugene on a bath salt trip. At 48 years old, Guillen is the National League’s second-youngest manager, but he’s unquestionably professional baseball’s most outspoken skipper. “Fucking grow up, motherfucker,” Guillen yelled at Houston radio reporter Paul Gallant in May after being asked whether the backlash from the Cuban community had settled following the skip’s infamous Castro remarks. “Are you kidding me?” It’s that very passion that helped Guillen’s Marlins win 21 games in May and set a franchise record. The Fish were on top of the world and nearly atop the NL East standings, yet the Washington Nationals held onto their lead heading into June. Sadly, by the middle of the month, the Marlins were playing shitty again and Guillen came under fire in a Men’s Journal poll of 100 MLB players that ranked him as the least respected manger in the game. “Maybe it’s because I’m not a hypocrite, maybe because I’m not fake, maybe because I no [sic] kiss everybody’s ass,” he told the Sun-Sentinel when asked about the poll. “I don’t get paid for people to like me; I get paid to win games.” Despite collecting a paycheck, Guillen’s team had an abysmal June, posting an embarrassingly low 8-18 record and sliding into second-to-last place. July, however, looks promising. And the team hopes to come out victorious when it close out its four-game series against the Nationals this Monday.
Mon., July 16, 7:10 p.m., 2012


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