Forget Flour-Bombing: Five Other Things We'd Like to Fling at Celebrities

Right-wing whack jobs and fame whores alike have been the target of a rash of "bombings" by antsy activists as of late. Glitter bombs, an oh-so-faaaabulous form of warfare, are generally reserved for anti-LGBT politicians, while flour bombings have become a favorite weapon of choice against callous and overexposed celebs.

But aren't these tactics just a little too last week? Seriously, does Mitt Romney really care about some glitter in his 'do? (Actually, he may like it more than he admits) And we doubt Kim Kardashian really cried over getting dusted with a white substance -- something with which we suspect she's familiar. Jon Stewart said it best: "[Glitter bombs are] more clever than a pie in the face, but less clever than something actually clever."

It's time to reinvent the art of the dramatic attack. Here are a few new and improved "bombings" we'd like to see the anti-establishment community embrace.

Forget Flour-Bombing: Five Other Things We'd Like to Fling at Celebrities

Dirty Dog Bombings
The humble hot dog with the works: relish, ketchup,

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mustard, and preferably sauerkraut -- now that's a weineriffic weapon. This

bombing does double duty, with two separate but equally apt


First, it's a meal for many an almost-anorexic model or actress. Hell, they might

even thank you if you hit 'em square in the piehole. We believe Angelina

Jolie might be in the market for a frank bombing or three.

Secondly, hot dogs make for great sexual innuendos, especially if you're confronting anti-gay male politicians. They'll strike

fear in their heart with their own phallic nature. And again, the "victims" might

even thank you once they've deep-throated a delicious, all-beef

foot-long. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are two dudes ripe for the


Douchebag Slinging
Yes, the douchebag -- everyone's favorite, frequently

referenced feminine hygiene product. Though it's mostly used as an insult to describe boorish, sexist bros, let's not forget that you can still pick up the original version at any CVS. Shouldn't the nitwits of the male sex be

introduced to the real deal? What better way to tell a man how you feel

than a nice, full, bag of douche square in the face? John Mayer and The

Situation are prime candidates for a drive-by douchebagging.

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