Forget About the Rock

These rasslers are classics

SAT 9/10

Maybe you want your children to see the titans you revered growing up -- to teach them that the American dream is not just a nebulous concept applied to car advertising but also occasionally (rarely) a quality embodied in a man, a man like Dusty Rhodes, professional wrestler and beloved Seventies icon. Or maybe you seek clarity in a confusing world -- French theorist Roland Barthes wrote, "Wrestling fans certainly experience a kind of intellectual pleasure in seeing the moral mechanism function so perfectly." We don't really know what that means, but it probably has something to do with eating a corn dog and grunting loudly while Jake "The Snake" Roberts takes on Antonio Banks. Or like smashing a beer can to your head while the Dudley Boys pummel Midnight Express. Tonight these wrestling good ol' boys invade the Davie Bergeron Rodeo Arena (4271 Davie Rd., Davie) for Legends Collide. (Title may be interpreted literally.) General admission is $15, and doors open at 6:30. Call 941-358-6825, or visit --Emily Witt

No, Not That Jesse Jackson

SAT 9/10

Miami can be a tough town if your musical tastes fall outside South Beach dance music or Latin jazz. Most lesser-known indie rock bands and folk singers tend to give Miami a miss. But tonight's free Jesse Jackson show at the North Beach Band Shell (7275 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) should bring Miami's underserved music lovers some relief. Jackson, a recent transplant to Miami, is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who blends melodic, melancholy folk music with Brazilian and country influences to create a gentle, harmonious sound. The song "I Don't Have You" draws influence from Caetano Veloso, while other tunes are reminiscent of Beck's mellower songs on Sea Change. Jackson began playing the saxophone at the age of twelve. After a stint at Berklee College of Music, he struck out on his own and became a fixture of Miami Beach alleys. Hipsters, hippies, artsy intellectuals, and folkies unite at 7:00. Call 305-865-4147. -- Ilona Solomon


And sweeping together

SAT 9/10

Sculling might sound scary, but it won't be once you learn from the experts. The Miami Beach Rowing Club wants to teach you its favorite sport. Classes will cover the basics of rowing, including the difference between a sweep and a scull. Here's a hint: They have nothing to do with brooms or bones. If you know how to swim and are fourteen or older, you're welcome at this morning's lesson. Meet at 9:30 at the Shane Watersports Center, 6500 Indian Creek Dr., Miami Beach. The class (which costs $150) continues tomorrow and wraps up next weekend. Call 305-861-8876, or visit -- Karen R. Figueiredo


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