Fo' Cho

Margaret Cho is like the Charlie Brown of comedy. Despite talent and a loyal cult following, nothing ever seems to go her way. She had a badass stand-up routine in the early '90s, which involved Cho wearing an ill-fitting leather cat suit while impersonating her uptight Korean mother unknowingly inhaling pot at a public viewing of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Then this all-American girl scored herself a sitcom titled, well, All American Girl. But after producers hired a coach to teach the Asian-American comedienne how to be “more Asian,” the show was canceled after only one season. The years that followed included bouts with anorexia and alcoholism, having her crotch cleaned by a man-woman named Gwen (hysterically retold in Cho’s inspirational show I’m the One That I Want), a ton of tattoos, and getting kicked off Dancing with the Stars before Bristol “All-I-Can-Do-is-Shimmy-My-Shoulders” Palin. Cho has certainly gone through enough to have a repertoire of funny material. Need proof? Check out her latest tour, Cho Dependent, when it stops at the Fillmore Miami Beach on Saturday.
Sat., Dec. 11, 8 p.m., 2010


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