Flyer than the Rest

The minute you enter the realm of Aerobar, you’ll realize you ain’t in Kansas anymore, sweetie. With bright neon lights cascading across a gunmetal background, the club resembles a cooler-than-thou airport terminal that could house vessels built to take you to a place where rules don’t exist. And you’re right. Well, wrong about the vessels — the only thing that’ll give you liftoff here are the intoxicating cocktails. The only rule on Fridays at Aerobar (247 23rd St., Miami Beach) is that they’re all about the ladies.

Shawn Rudnick and Danny Daze man the ones and twos while SoBe seductresses command the attention of the guys who come to gawk, buy them drinks, and pray for a little postclub action. Doors open at 10 p.m., and if you’re not trained to expect planned and impromptu fashion shows at the club, welcome to Casa D’Amor.
Fridays, 2008


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