Florida Flounder

The Florida Marlins began the season focused and determined every game. Lately, however, they just seem to be scanning the bleachers for hot girls and roaming the field for lost contact lenses. Just as the team was off and running with the league’s best record, chopping opponents down with its ferocious bats and lights-out bullpen, everything went to the crapper.

After an 11-1 start, the Fish dropped six straight. The once-vaunted pitching staff turned to mulch, beginning with Ricky Nolasco’s Oprah-like ERA ballooning from 3.52 to 6.86 and ending in the total implosion of the bullpen as closer Matt Lindstrom gave up seven earned runs in the ninth inning of a game the Marlins were winning 3-0. It’s gotten so bad they had to ask a left fielder, Cody Ross, to pitch in relief during a blowout loss to the Phils.

All is not lost, however. Florida has Josh Johnson and Anibel Sanchez — two of the game’s brightest hurlers. The rest of the staff just to needs to get its shit together and recapture the mojo. This Thursday, they take on NL East rivals Atlanta Braves.
Thu., May 7, noon, 2009


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