Florida Family Association vs. Disney World: Five More Ungodly Things to Protest

If you're a card-carrying member of the Florida Family Association, this time of year has gotta be like your own, personal Hell. Well, except for the one that awaits everybody but you and people exactly like you after The Rapture.

It starts with the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival, which then segues into the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Then it's Fleet Week in Broward, which should be a time of supporting our troops, but after the first two things, even that starts to look kinda queer.

It's like a Babylonian apocalypse, except without Jesus and all his angels appearing to lift you up into Heaven while the Earth burns or explodes or floods or whatever you've been conned into believing.

Naturally, it puts you on edge.

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So when you hear about the gays' eventual migration from Miami to

Orlando this summer, descending upon Disney World for an unofficial "Gay

Day" event, part of you is relieved. But another part of you feels

guilty. In fairness, you feel guilty about pretty much everything, but

especially now that you're suffering less as the scourge of

homosexuality leaves its full-time home here in South Florida to attack

the wholesome swamplands of Central Florida. This is the home of the

Holy Land Experience we're talking about here, y'know?

So you

start raising the thousands of dollars necessary to hire an airplane to

fly banners warning unsuspecting, homophobic parents to avoid Disney

during the event. You've done it before; you can do it again. It's your civic duty, and you're certain there's

nothing more important going on in the world that Jesus would have

preferred you spend your $8,400 on. Well, other than whatever Westboro's working on, anyway.

But here's what you haven't

considered: Disney World is a hotbed of anti-Christian morals

year-round. There are so many sinful things taking place within its

fairy-tale walls that it's amazing the Lord Himself hasn't burned the

place to the ground. Until that happens, you're going to have to raise a

hell of a lot more money to keep running those banners.

Or you can just give up, and let people live their lives. Either way.

The devil's libation.
The devil's libation.


you know you can get drunk at every single park at Disney World? And

many, many gluttonous sinners do just that. Some even make a game out of

drinking their way around the world at Epcot Center -- in essence,

blaspheming as much of God's creation as they can in a single day.

Banners warning of the drunken unwashed are surely in order.

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