Flesh and Blooders an Eccentric Love Triangle Where Egos Clash and Mad Puppets Attack

Flesh and Blooders is a new play about puppets, but it's more Being John Malkovich than Avenue Q — an eccentric love triangle where egos clash, mad puppets attack, and amnesiacs and runaway brides find common ground. Written by local theater entrepreneur Cynthia Joyce Clay and recently opened as the first full-scale production at her new Storycrafter Studio theater in Miami Beach, Flesh and Blooders is an American spin on the traditional Bollywood romance. A young stockbroker with amnesia and an Indian bride fleeing an arranged marriage converge at the studio of Judy Punchinello, a tyrannical puppeteer under contract for a large-scale Hollywood/Bollywood coproduction. Flesh and Blooders is filled with surreal moments, most of them of a piece with the Bollywood tradition of dance theater.


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