Flattops and Dungarees

The mania over Mad Men is hard to explain. What’s so appealing about a pre-civil rights era when women were shackled in kitchen mittens? Maybe it’s the brashness of three-martini lunches and smoke breaks inside the office. Or perhaps it’s the eye candy of well-tailored suits and frocks, and all the avocado green and curvy lines of mid-century interiors.

Make a trip to Pink Ghost tonight for the kitschy, ’50s-inspired event At The Sock Hop, which will transform the boutique shop of Dunny dolls and other hipster accessories into a ’50s-style living room showcasing the latest artwork of illustrator Danny Brito. Brito’s new work features mostly young girls, donning '50s fashion and drawn with a contemporary, indie hand. There will be a live DJ and cupcakes for you to enjoy as you gaze into the girls’ dreamy, wide-set eyes. Feel free to sport skinny ties, pencil skirts, and sweater sets
Sat., April 17, 7 p.m., 2010


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