Five Wacked-Out Celebrities Supporting the Wacked-Out Republican Candidates

They say Hollywood is full of leftist liberals and borderline communists. In fact, the right has been spouting that line since the '40s and '50s, when several actors were blacklisted for their alleged ties to the American Communist Party during America's second Red Scare.

Well, the Cold War is over. Film actors, directors, screenwriters, and producers can freely vote Obama -- they might still be labeled a commie, but at least they won't be banned from work. But there are still a few celebrities who play it straight and stick with the GOP.

So what's the deal with all the celebrities endorsing Republicans? Our guess: a real case of the crazies. Check out our list of celebrities with a screw loose.

Gene Simmons

Supporting: Mitt Romney
The legendary womanizer and frontman of Kiss thinks Mittens has what it takes to run this country, citing Romney's ability to make money and avoid paying a fair share of taxes. We wonder if Kiss has a big Mormon following.


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Oliver Stone

Supporting: Ron Paul

He's a left-leaning conspiracy theorist, but at 65 years old, Oliver Stone might be moving toward the middle. During a recent interview, Stone said he'd vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama. Given his People vs. Larry Flynt past, we guess we can understand how he'd sympathize with libertarianism.

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