Five Reasons to Get Hyped for Hero Hype Con

Five Reasons to Get Hyped for Hero Hype Con

Dust off that Batman costume. It's con season, and there's a new event in town!

The Hero Hype Con is the latest entry in the Miami geekiverse, debuting this Saturday, June 8. With all the awesome events going on in South Florida this weekend, it would be easy for an up-and-coming convention to slip through the cracks. Especially one that hasn't yet earned a great, geeky reputation.

But though Hero Hype Con's a Miami n00b, it's worth checking out. Here are five reasons you should give this one a shot:

5. Get your geek on the cheap!

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Rather than having to shell out for multiple days' worth of tickets or a hotel room, you can get your geek on in one day. Hero Hype runs from noon-8 p.m. on Saturday, and tickets cost just $20 at the door--but you get a $5 discount for showing up in costume. Kids under 10 get in free with a paid adult. Did we mention free parking? There's free parking.

4. The cosplay contest!

As with most cons, there's a cosplay contest, and this one places an emphasis on crafts(wo)manship. No storebought entries are allowed for this one, but don't fret. A smaller con like this is a great way to get your feet wet if you're just getting your start, and there are professional cosplay crafters on site to help with your outfit or even take commissions for that much-needed piece.

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