Five Free Workouts in Miami
Michael E. Miller

Five Free Workouts in Miami

It's summer, it's hot, and if you live in Miami, your body is probably physically rejecting clothing. But before you head outside in your tiniest shorts or crop tops, you're going to want to feel comfortable showing that much skin. And yes, that can mean exercise.

In this land of the superficial, there are plenty of gyms and clubs, but these locations also cost half of what breast implants cost. So might as well just get plastic surgery, right? Kidding.

We bet you set a goal to begin your fitness routine at the beginning of summer, and before that in January, but things got in the way and you never got to it. Then shopping, partying, and eating out got in the way of paying for that gym membership. We understand. So we're here to tell you that you don't have to hit up Dwyane Wade's personal trainer or purchase some swanky gym membership to get that body you want. The best things in life are free, including each of these no-payment-necessary fitness classes around Miami. Now you have no excuses.

Five Free Workouts in Miami

Yoga at Bayfront Park

Long gone are the days you had to pay to meditate. All you need is your mat, a zen attitude, and cute workout clothes. As one of Miami's oldies, Yoga in the Park happens three times a week at the Tina Hills Paviliion at Bayfront Park (301 N. Biscayne Blvd., Miami). You can even say you're doing hot yoga, since Miami is at about the same sweltering hot temperature these days.

Five Free Workouts in Miami
Michael E. Miller

Miami Critical Mass

Join 4,000 of Miami's coolest bikers as you ride through Miami for 10-20 miles. In 2007, Miami hopped on board and joined other cities by beginning its own monthly bike rides. These guys don't care about the law; they like to ride right through a red light. So if you're into group exercises, rebellion, and taking Miami's streets by storm, Miami Critical Mass is for you. Meet up with thousands of riders at Government Center (111 NW First St.) at 7 p.m on the last Friday of every month.

Five Free Workouts in Miami

Run With The Raven

Robert Kraft is perhaps Miami's most famous runner, despite having beaten no time records or competed in many races. He's just a guy who runs eight miles along the South Beach coast every day, without fail -- since 1975. Along the way, he's picked up an informal following of fellow running enthusiasts who join him on his runs each day starting at 5 p.m. You, too, can be a Raven disciple, if you meet up with him at the Fifth St. lifeguard stand on any given day.

Miami-Dade Parks' Fitness Zones

More of a solo workout fiend? Wondering how you're going to isolate your glutes without access to swanky gym machines? Fear not; several parks in the county feature "Fitness Zones," areas filled with outdoor exercise equipment set up like playgrounds for adults. At any of these locations, you can work those quads or build up those biceps just like the beefcakes who intimidated you at your old gym. And you won't be spending unnecessary money like a chump, either.

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