Firefighters and Cops Team Up to Totally Destroy a Bunch of Good Weed

While putting out a fire inside an empty house at 2021 SW 58th Ct. early yesterday morning, Miami-Dade firefighters spotted a bunch of suspiciously mellow potted plants and tipped off the police. Narcotics detectives found 34 hydroponic marijuana plants -- which we now expect they will destroy in some depraved ceremony.

The weed was worth $8,000 to $10,000, cops estimate. Nobody was in the house during the fire or the raid, but we expect whoever was on the lease is headed back to Vancouver as fast as their Volkswagen bus will take them.

We feel obliged by the fact that we have a music feature about Julian Marley in this week's New Times to point out that this is, like, bullshit, man.


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