Fins or Skins

In 2007, the Miami Dolphins brain trust used its second-round draft pick to select unknown QB John Beck out of that perennial quarterback factory, Brigham Young University. Undersize, weak-armed, and Mormon, Beck was expected to be the franchise savior and become the quarterback to finally step into Dan Marino’s immense shoes and make the Fins relevant again. Of course, he was terrible, and none of that happened. When those responsible for drafting him were fired, Beck was given his walking papers by then-anointed “franchise savior” Bill Parcells. Parcells went on to have his own crappy drafts, and four years after Beck was selected, we still don’t have a franchise quarterback to speak of. This week will mark Beck’s triumphant return as he leads the middling Washington Redskins into Sun Life Stadium against Parcells’s draft busts. There’s gonna be a whole lotta suck on the field this Sunday. The Skins and the Fins can’t draft for shit.
Sun., Nov. 13, 1 p.m., 2011


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